Nic Stewart came to me wanting to make some serious cash in her business.

At the time she wanted $10K months... minimum.
She had been slogging away for 9 YEARS and although she was making $4K - $6K a month, she did not want to settle for a mediocre lifestyle business.
She wanted to go big and she was willing to back herself all the way. She had already invested heavily in business coaching, mentoring and learning from the best guru’s on the planet.
Lack of knowledge was not her problem.
Lack of ambition was not her problem.
Lack of drive was also... not her problem.
She was a fighter, and on the days when most people would give up their dream and get a job, Nic was hustling with all her heart and soul to pay the bills.
Forcing got her so far but there was no way in HELL she was going to hit 5-figure months like this. All she had up her sleeve was “DO MORE”.
MORE sales, MORE marketing, MORE energy work, MORE journaling, MORE visualising her goal, MORE processing emotions, MORE embodiment practise. MORE MORE
She’d been running this pattern for 9 fucking years it never resulted in sales. More importantly, it never felt good. She would start off strong, take loads of action but then her enthusiasm would drop, her energy would die and she’d force herself to limp home early. Once again, abandoning her dream of $10K+ months.
Nic knew there MUST be another way…. She was right.
Shadow Alchemy.
The only spiritual tool on the planet that takes you from looping in trauma to becoming a badass spiritual entrepreneur...who actually. makes. money.
Like most people who are new to this work, Nic learnt all the theory and started using Shadow Alchemy by herself. She said with the best will in the world it was like swinging a baseball bat around in the dark.
There was no precision so her results were minimal, but she knew if she could master this tool it would change her life.
Investing in my mastermind gave her the practical application of the tool she needed to start applying it with precision.
Within 4 months Nic’s confidence with Shadow Alchemy sky-rocketed. She could see where she’d been going wrong, staying on the surface and not digging down into the most gruesome, uncomfortable shadows.
This is why people love me and hate me. I don’t let you off the hook, ever. I make you squirm in a way you would never dream of doing yourself. This is what’s needed if you want the most magical transformation this planet has ever seen.
Whenever it was time to squirm, Nic was always a FUCK YES.
She would jump on that hook and not leave until every last trace of shadow was dead.
That is why she made 10x her investment with me and why she is one of a handful of people who are on the path to Light Mastery.
Nic is now showing up in business in
an entirely new way. Her energy is sustained from beginning to end and when it drops, she knows it’s not time to push or give up, but simply to alchemise the shadow and move on with her day.
Not only did she smash her dream goal of $10K a month, but she hit $29,000 in sales in just 2 weeks. And that’s just the beginning. I fully expect Nic to be hitting $50,000 months by the end of the year